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A Premier Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Hear From Our Students


Michael Gonzalez

"I started going to Mac's gym ever since he opened, and I absolutely love it Coach Mac is a very fun guy to be around, but when it comes to training, he takes it very seriously."


Daniel Kim

"I was very impressed with the level of instruction I received at this school. The instructor appears to be a natural teacher. I haven't worked out in years so I was very out of shape, but the instructor knew how to work with me in a way where I wasn't over exerting myself, but was still pushed to my limits."

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Jonathan Jara

"I love this gym! I've done several different kinds of boxing gyms, and Macs is my favorite. Every work out is challenging and different each time. It's effective and very doable with a busy schedule. I've never been in better shape! The trainer Chris actually gets to know you, and it makes the experience a lot more enjoyable than your typical gym or boutique fitness class. Can't recommend it enough!"

Congratulations to our Champs

Isai Marquez
WAKO USA National Championships
Southeast K1 Championship


Jovan "Serbian Sniper" Stanisavljevic
IKF-PKB Point Kickboxing Tournament

Michael "The Airbender" Gonzalez
WAKO K1 Development Tournament

David "Goliath"
IKF-PKB Point Kickboxing Tournament

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